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                                       The Bill Of Rights


 November 7/05   Administration Approval Ratings in the latest polls are heading toward the equator.



       A lack of integrity, ethics, personal trust, honesty, values, and leadership, is increasingly leveled at the administration by the American public.  It's ironic, if not laughable, that Bush originally campaigned using morality/values as his message, but of course he stole the 2000 election via the supreme court, so what can you expect?  President Jimmy Carter has put his substantial two cents into the pot with his book: "Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis."  He has a lot to say about the immorality of secret CIA torture prisons, not so secret now, and how this practice has damaged our reputation.  But there's a lot more than torture prisons to reflect upon, considering the enormous scams perpetrated on the public, the media, the congress, and the military grunts who have to face being killed or grossly wounded, shedding blood, limbs and sometimes their minds, merely to satisfy Cheney's corporate cronies and  the desires of neocon think tank intellectuals pushing their ideas of unilaterally redoing the Middle East, then sitting back to observe these ideas being put into action by the youngsters on the ground, while they, the neocons, never even have to soil their hands or wrinkle their expensive suits.  And talk about scams:

       Think about the day of September 8, 2002, the day the NY Times ran the untrue story by Judy Miller on it's front page; Judy joined to Scooter Libby's hip, Libby joined to Cheney's hip, Cheney joined to Bush's hip (until now that is, considering the panicky distancing that might be occurring); the Miller story being about Saddam trying to get the now infamous aluminum tubes for nuclear weaponry.

       And on this same September day, rushing out to sell the war in the form of smoking guns and mushroom clouds, Vice President Cheney appeared on Meet The Press, Condi Rice appeared on Wolf Blitzer, Colin Powell appeared on Fox News, Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Face The Nation, and General Chase appeared on This Week--all of these scammers quite confident that each of their interviewers, and many in the viewing audience, had read the lies on the front page of the highly respected Sunday newspaper, which reinforced their official fictions.  A coincidence? Hardly.  How corrupt, how misleading, how perfectly timed.

      And is it a coincidence that Bush, after the damaging Libby indictment, instead of creating the usual diversion of terror alerts, made his dramatic 7 billion dollar attack on Avian flu and nominated Mr. Alito  for the supreme court, then escaped to Argentina where he was greeted by rioting protestors and accomplished nothing? Don't think so. 

       And the beat goes on:

       With another administration low: a story by the L.A. Times, which refers to an anti-war sermon at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena CA, delivered on October 31, 2004, by the Rev. George F. Regas.  The reverend was against the Viet Nam War, the Gulf War and the Iraqi War, apparently the latter war being the problem, even though the reverend did not, and would not, endorse either Bush or Kerry.  Though the reverend did comment on Bush's tax policy: "...tax cuts as inimical to the values of Jesus."  Interpretation: Harmful to those of us who are not rich.       

     And another coincidence? Don't think so:  The church received a letter from the IRS on June 9th saying: "...you may not be tax exempt as a church," which had something to do with churches getting involved in elections.  Being somewhat secular myself, I quote Holden Caulfield in Catcher In The Rye, who said,  "Jesus would have puked" (on viewing this faith based administration).


       You can gather from the polls that Scooter Libby's indictment was the proverbial last straw, causing a deepening mistrust of Bush/Cheney policies, no doubt the basis for 7 in 10 polled to conclude that the country is on the wrong track.  Plus more are  now suspecting they were misled by the B.S. that Bush/Cheney handed out prior to the Iraqi invasion, which leads me to ask: What took them so long to grasp this? 

  One of the biggest deals, I think, regarding life in our country today, is that 2 out of 3 Americans believe Bush has no concept of the needs, desires, the problems, of ordinary citizens; which should surprise no one when you consider that a W. H. staffer had to create a DVD from television coverage of Katrina's devastation,  and present it to Bush in order to get his attention.  

       On the other hand, there is now another man who will be getting his attention.  Minority Leader Senator Harry Reid, Nevada.  Going back to early last year, the senate select committee on intelligence began its investigation of "intelligence" that led us into the Iraqi war.  This investigation was to be composed of 2 phases.  Phase 1 revealed profoundly flawed intel, and phase 2 was to reveal who, how why, etc.  Anyway, the intel chairman Pat Robertson promised that phase 2, following the election, would determine if the White House intentionally misled us so as to enter the war. (You need a committee to decide that?) 

      Anyway, on November 1/05,  after holding their collective breath to the point of expiring, the Democrats led by Senator Reid, called a closed senate session, this surprise move putting a spotlight on the endless delay in executing phase 2, with Reid saying that Roberts had reneged on his promise, said reneging being very convenient for the administration.  Let's hope the Bush crowd's immoral fabrication leading to war is properly exposed for those still in denial.


       No doubt you've been wondering if the Buck will ever travel up the chain to the commander in chief?  Well naturally not if Bush can help it, this man who once stated publicly he couldn't recall any mistakes he might have made while in office. Well, little by little, it's all unraveling, folks.  For those of you who care, the truth will out and the buck will finally get to where it belongs.

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