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                                         The Bill Of Rights


         OPINION  August 2/05     

           I’m coming to the conclusion that Bush is not Intelligently Designed.

       There’s this guy who is alleged to have rearranged intelligence to fit the ideology of the far right hawks, who is alleged to have abused his subordinates, who has stated, it wouldn’t mean diddly if the top ten floors of the U.N.  (where Kofi Annan works) were to disappear, and that the entire 39 floors of the institution were irrelevant, and that the place could only be led by The world power, the United States. Screw everybody else, especially the 190 other diplomats.

        His name is John Bolton and our great leader, Bush, while the Senate was in its 5 week recess, decided to appoint him as our ambassador to the place he has repeatedly dissed. He will represent our country while he is not supported by our senate, and his authority is further impaired by the fact that he will only officially be in the position for a year and a half.  Kofi Annan has just seen fit to remind us all that “negotiation and compromise” are the key elements to success. Hint, hint.

       Anyway, with this in mind, President Bush, who no doubt looked into the man’s soul, has said that the U.N. hater Bolton has his “complete confidence.” Doesn’t that make you feel warm and cuddly all over?

       Especially since Bush, our homespun cowpoke, is the man who just said he thought it would be a good idea to teach Intelligent Design alongside Evolution, in all our schools, in effect further dumbing down our high school students who probably don’t have much farther to go (down, I mean) in regard to having their intellectual ability shackled by stupid thinking, and making it impossible for these kids to compete in a rapidly advancing scientific and technological world.


       What’s at work here is religion and politics, a cynical, or honestly lame-brained, pandering to solidify Bush’s muddled-headed far-right base, making us the laughing stock to the rest of industrialized humanity. Think about it. About religious weirdos taking over our country, because Yale educated Bush needs them.