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September 14/05

Mmm...Bush says, "...I take responsibility."

Really? Does this mean I have to revise the title of my September 11/05  OPINION?

I don't think so.  No.  Bush said  "our response," (not his response--spreading it around and diluting it).  And: "... to the extent that the federal government (the fed gov, not him, diluting it again) didn't fully do it's job right, I take responsibility."

Classic Bush, guided by machiavellian Rove, his statement so carefully worded, not really in charge, you see, but bighearted cowpoke that he is, he'll take responsibility merely because he feels (I feel your pain) for all the goof-up unqualified guys he appointed 'cause they were campaign pals, who have to fall on their swords for the presidency.  And I can see Bush/Cheney/Rove seeing a silver lining in all this--takes your mind off the war in Iraq for a few seconds.


No, I won't revise my original title, after all.   SAMMY


September 17/05

Did you read what I wrote above?  Okay,  so now it seems that former head of FEMA and one-time campaign manager for Bush, Joe Albaugh, is a lobbyist for a couple of companies selected for reconstruction opportunities in the Gulf:  a Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root, and the Shaw Group; plus FEMA picked Bechtel National Inc. (CEO a bush crony) to create temp housing for the Gulf's new homeless.   And as we all know (don't we?) Halliburton is alleged to have overcharged very big bucks in Iraq.  Same ol', same ol'.

Now let's not forget, Bush also said in his speech, he'd have "...inspector generals reviewing all expenditures" in the Gulf reconstruction. Ha! 

I remind you, a few weeks ago, the NY Times wrote about Army contract official, Bunnatine Greenhouse, who revealed an outrageous Halliburton no-bid contract in Iraq.  She was subsequently demoted to a lesser position, declared a poor performer and uncooperative (previously had sterling reviews).  This of course might have a chilling effect for any current or future official who might consider blowing the whistle on Bush's corporate chums, listed above.  Isn't it kind of amazing how blatantly arrogant this Bush/Cheney bunch is with their whaddaya gonna do about it attitude?  Especially after Bush's from the heart mea culpa?

So lets hear it from the Democrats.  C'mon guys! Where are you?