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                                         The Bill Of Rights


Continued.....      Katrina & where the buck Never Stops.

       But Bush, as troubled as he is by the above mentioned rigidity, seems at the same time to have possessed an uncanny ability to slip paper-thin from underneath the weight of his mistake. How? He simply had Homeland Security chief Chertoff ask him, Bush, for permission to fire Michael Brown; to which Bush said in effect: You have my confidence. Whatever you think is best. You have to admire the guy, don’t you? No? Okay.

       But this was all before democratic congress woman Nancy Pelosi claimed Bush was oblivious, in denial, and dangerous; because when she had urged him to fire Michael Brown, the president replied, “Why would I do that?” And when she pointed out the obvious, that Bush had appointed a man whose main qualification was having run The International Arabian Horse Association (which is no doubt impressive if you’re a horse, or if you are a human who owns one) our president asked Pelosi, “What didn’t go right?”


       Let me count the ways. But fear not, readers, I won’t because I have neither the time nor space to engage in the scope of that math.. Yet…yet…on the other hand, when the Corp Of Engineers asked for 105 million dollars to work on the levees, the White House cut it to 40 million. And we all know that greed in the form of “pork” has dominated political decisions across the decades, spanning both political parties, which has been most brilliantly demonstrated with the recent so called Highway Bill for which the Republican congress provided 286 billion dollars.



       Now while our law makers believe themselves to be very politically savvy in spreading this monetary joy around their states--creating debt for which we taxpayers will ultimately be responsible-- their greed exposes them as mindless as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and tornados. That this money has been donated to pork in this time of excess boggles the mind. This time of tax breaks for the richest among us, this time of war into which we were led by the most cynical, deceptive administration seeking control of oil and costing the lives of thousands of brave young Americans, and straining the economy to the tune of one billion dollars per day. This war which primarily benefit’s the private contractors who are the corporate friends of Bush/Cheney; not to mention the benefit to thousands of American-hating insurgents provided with one more excuse to hate and attack us. And I ask you to add up the above figure: thirty billion per month. Or three hundred and sixty-five billion per year.

       Thirty percent of our National guard are in Iraq with half of its equipment. How nice it would be if our young military people were safe at home defending our borders, if our money were used more sensibly, if our national debt was not the largest ever, if we were not so obligated to the Chinese who help keep us afloat by purchasing our bonds and selling us products that are less costly than we can make them, which they produce so readily by employing cheap labor. And how nice it would be if our corporate and administration leadership would stop outsourcing jobs and torture. Dream on.

       Bush doesn’t want us to “Play the blame game,” yet it’s clear to all that no one stepped forward to take control; not from the city, the state, the military, FEMA, Homeland Security, nor from where the buck never stops: President Bush.

       Tom Delay says that blame should work from the bottom up. Clever. Then why not blame the people who are really at the bottom, who drowned because they were too ill or elderly or too poor to own a car, who lived in the deepest most vulnerable part of the New Orleans bowl, as opposed to the lucky affluent who lived on the high ground and owned the cars in which to make their escape from what has become a major toxic waste dump that will cost what has already been roughly estimated to be 200 billion, to clean up, for which lawmakers have already authorized ten billion and then added 52 billion.

        I know that hindsight is easy, but back in 1948 I was sitting on a bar stool in a jazz place, I guess on Bourbon Street. I’m not a big music person but I was sitting there mesmerized by this group featuring a remarkably talented trumpet player, when suddenly there was lightening and thunder followed by a flash flood. In minutes there was about 18 inches of water in the place, (everyone simply raised feet to the highest rungs while the band played on) and giant, yucky cockroaches flew in and landed on the bar and surrounding tables.

       Seeing my amazed expression, the bartender laughed and said to me, “Bugs don‘t like the rain,” followed by: “Some day this whole town is gonna be swamped and blown away by one of them friggin’ hurricanes and disappear forever, ‘cause nobody really gives a shit except us.” Or words to that effect. The point of this true story, of course, beyond the fatalism of the people who lived in, and loved, New Orleans, the risky inefficiency of the levees is an old, old problem, never solved. The blame for this does not fall on Bush alone.

       The blame that does apply to Bush is for his apparent indifference while on vacation in Texas, and for some other inherent inability, which was to grasp the need for him to jump in immediately, to take charge; or at the very least to have in place the kind of knowledgeable, hardnosed people who could and would, people who would impose the security will of the fed on the state when the state is obviously faltering. This should be apparent, especially considering the time elapsed since 9/11, an event which should have instilled in this administration the necessity of having all its disaster ducks in a row and ready to go. God only knows what will happen to us if we respond in this same delayed time frame during or following a major terrorist attack.

       You can be certain of one thing, and it’s already in motion: the Bush team and conservative talking heads, will do all that they can to place blame as far from our buck-ducking president as possible; and don’t be surprised if it gets vicious, folks.

       Shame on our government.

       Interesting to note: Wall Street hoped the Fed Reserve would pause in further rate hikes. But now with the costs of Katrina today, and more looming on the horizon, the storm’s effect will probably cause price increases throughout the economy and put even more pressure on the Fed for further hikes. Therefore overvalued housing could be hit hard as the result of higher mortgages, retarding new construction, which in turn would make for fewer construction jobs, and reduce the price value of existing homes that for most people are primary investments. We’ll see.

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