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                                       The Bill Of Rights


October 28/05     Libby, Vice President's Chief Of Staff, Indicted Today. 

5 count indictment:  1--obstruction of justice.  2--perjury.  2--false statements.  Lying to grand jury, impeding investigation, lying to FBI.  Fitzgerald allegation: Libby endangered national security.  WP

Libby Resigns, submits resignation, no longer at White House.  First time in more than a century a White House aide is indicted.  Cheney issues statement: "...Mr. Libby is entitled to a complete airing of the facts."  Rove for the moment, off the hook.

Fitzgerald Says in press conference that Libby was at the beginning of the chain of phone calls discussing Valerie Plame, not at the end of the chain.

       No doubt Republicans will be trashing Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame.  Latest word, though, is that officials higher up in the CIA decided to send  someone to Niger, and approached Plame to see if her husband would make the trip; therefore the idea did not originate with her.

   Compare now and then:

       Keep in mind, during the Gulf War in 91 that Paul Wolfowitz and I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby were aides to Richard Cheney, then Secretary of Defense. These think-tank armchair hawks were no doubt hostile to the idea of not going all the way into Baghdad to topple Saddam; believing that extreme force would pave the way to democracy in the Middle East.   These same ideologues came forward with Cheney into the Bush II administration, bringing with them the absolute dedication to go to war with Iraq using whatever rationales--(take your pick: military, political, philosophical, national interests, Mid East stabilization) --necessary to achieve that end.  Mr. Wolfowitz, having left behind the mess he in no small measure contributed to,  is now President of the World Bank.

       At the same time, in 1991, Brent Scowcroft, Bush senior's influential national security advisor, and currently the senior Bush's best friend, while then in favor of military action to free Kuwait, he opposed entering Baghdad, prophetically saying, "At minimum, we'd be an occupier in a hostile land.  Our forces would be sniped at by guerrillas, and, once we were there, how would we get out? What would be the rational for leaving? I don't like the term "exit strategy'--but what do you do with Iraq once you own it?"  And It was Powell who years later echoed him with, "If you break it you own it."

       And looking back from today's perspective, Scowcroft has said, "I thought we ought to make it our duty to help make the world friendlier for the growth of liberal regimes.  You encourage democracy over time, with assistance, and aid, the traditional way. Not how the neocons do it."  Good advice, General.  The current administration has pointedly ignored whatever wisdom Scowcroft might have had to offer, to Bush's obvious detriment.