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                                         The Bill Of Rights

          OPINION   August 27/05

                  The President's Speech.   Same Ol', Same Ol'!

       President Bush spoke before the Veterans of Foreign Wars at Salt lake City, Utah. This faux-ranch-hand Pres finds himself in a safe haven without opposing views when addressing a military or veteran audience, since he is in fact the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces--an office generally respected by these groups. (Though for how long is anybody's guess).

       He opened by thanking them for his warm reception--his gratitude being quite heartfelt, I’m certain, giving him an emotional lift since his polls are showing the opposite reaction elsewhere, for his failed leadership in the Iraqi war. He told the vets that producing a constitution in Iraq was a difficult process--a gross understatement considering Sunni and Shi’ite death squads are running amuck killing each other and threatening to assassinate the constitution framers--and then compared the Iraqi process to the problems our founding fathers had producing our constitution (a bit of a stretch), which indeed was not easy for T. Jefferson & friends: separating themselves from Britain and risking hanging for disloyalty to the king. But our framers were basically all on the same page, wanting--albeit under God--a secular government. While in Iraq, “secular” is a term more associated with the “infidel” Saddam, than with some of the theocratic power brokers waiting in the Iraqi wings.

       The president referred to Americans giving their lives in WWII and Korea so we could live in freedom (didn’t mention Viet Nam, maybe because of the growing belief of some in its similarity with Iraq) As usual he mentioned 9/11 and the “great sacrifice” that had to be made. But not by us.

       Right, a sacrifice for those young people doing the fighting and dying--but not for us in our cozy nests. C’mon, Mr. Bush. Beyond the families of the military, where is the great sacrifice for the rest of America? We enjoy our television and movies, our beer and pizza, our hors d’oeuvre & cocktail chit-chat, our bowling and tennis and golf, our summer at the beach or lake, while never having to gaze on the flag draped coffins slipping into our country as unseen and quiet as ghosts, so that the awful reality of this war is kept at bay, in effect hiding the true meaning of the “sacrifice” of the working-class few, for the American-many, in a trumped up war for a control of oil that may never be achieved; this particular lack of progress stalling the much vaunted reconstruction that was to be financed by pumping fountains of this Iraqi crude, said pumping blocked by a relentless insurgency of mostly those who thrived under Saddam, who hope to create a civil war