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October 7/05       


                   October 7/05

It's finally happening.

Karl Rove to testify again regarding Valerie Plame, and might appear as early as the next few days.  He has already given testimony several times before the grand jury.

       Joe Wilson's opinion piece on July 6, 2003 disagreeing with the administration's claims of Iraq trying to obtain nuclear materials in Niger, resulted in a Robert Novak column on July 14, naming Wilson's wife.  And it all began.     

 Rove's attorney Robert Luskin says his client has not received a "target letter" from Prosecutor Fitzgerald, which would indicate an indictment, further saying the prosecutor has made no charging decision.  Big deal. There may not be a letter but there's a good chance Luskin's been talking via the telephone with Fitzgerald, who has announced he's made no guarantees about a Rove indictment, which is very bad news for Rove who no doubt wants to revise his previous statements.

       Words can come back to haunt you. In my July 21 piece I referred to Bush claiming he'd fire anyone who leaked, (in bold) altering that statement soon after by claiming he'd fire anyone who committed a crime.  What now, Mr. President?

  Could a surprise witness for the prosecution be Colin Powell? In the same July 21 piece: Powell (in bold) accompanied Bush, staff, and news media, on a trip to Africa, when the now famous State Department memo naming Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame as a CIA operative, was passed around--the contents of which were probably then passed on to Rove before he had his chat with TIME's Matt Cooper.  The timing was perfect.

       How high up the food chain this business will travel is a puzzle. And how much of a fantasy is it to consider, however remotely, that V.P. Cheney could be named as a source-conspirator? 


   Is Rove getting a jump on Scooter Libby, and others, to flip and make a deal?  Even if negative, this doesn't bode well for Bush, considering his already loaded plate, described below.   Add to all that his latest approval polls at CBS showing 69% believe the country's on the wrong track.