This is unbeautiful America on the brink of disaster. A time of terror, of war, of financial greed reaching corrosively into politics, intelligence and defense. In the gritty foreground of this story, which travels from Manhattan to Moscow to South Asia, there are three primary, but basically unrelated, actors whose lives, while appearing to barely touch, will produce a butterfly effect with the explosive power of C4.

     Continue: The first is Detective Sergeant Frank Driscoll, assigned to a seemingly routine murder in Manhattan’s gentrified Hell’s Kitchen. The victim is a beautiful Russian immigrant, and what looks like a botched mugging turns out to be an execution by the shooter fall-guy with whom Driscoll engages in a traumatic firefight. Not so routine, the case will forever change Driscoll’s life. The more he pushes into the investigation the more he penetrates the polished background of the well-connected, uncovering money laundering, sex for blackmail and government contracts, and threatening a power elite which does not hesitate to employ painful methods in pushing back.

     The second actor, a third gen Pakistani-American law student, finds his life is turned upside down when his fun-loving brother goes missing while attending their uncle’s funeral in Islamabad. An episode setting in motion the student’s fateful journey into the terror camps of South Asia, while leaving in his wake a ticking bomb that Detective Driscoll must finesse:              

     The third actor, “a lost in a crowd” porter at Wall Street’s TrustBank-Manhattan. A delusional and emotionally needful outsider who teeters atop a cauldron of rage, ready to be persuaded, to be shoved, to morph from the daily humdrum into today's world of terror.