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                                         The Bill Of Rights

Okay, faulty bombings in London and, happily, only one injury.

              BUT LET’S NOT FORGET:

     Rove is so bleeding clever in his timing of Bush’s nomination of John Roberts for the Supreme Court, to distract us from his problems. I could almost believe in a desperate, yet still Machiavellian, Rove employing nefarious white house lackeys to pose as amateur London bombers, to continue the diversion.

     Regarding “blank slate” Roberts, what saves me from too much worry at this juncture is that Ann Coulter is concerned he’s not far right enough, and is saying: “…going this long without expressing an opinion, he’d (Roberts) better be pursuing the Miss America title.” But then I start worrying again when she wonders: “Maybe Roberts will contravene the sordid history of ’”stealth nominees”’ and be the Scalia or Thomas that Bush promised…” Please Ann, the Suspense!

     With Rove/Bush, everything keeps changing. Like with WMDs metamorphosing into democracy, Bush at first saying he will fire anyone in his administration who has leaked information on Valerie Plame. But then saying he will fire anyone in his administration who has committed a crime--no doubt having been told by Rove’s lawyer that Rove may be morally corrupt but unlike Nixon he’s not legally a crook. Whew!

     Unless of course Prosecutor Fitzgerald can pin down whether or not Rove had access to (or was told by those who had access to) a State Department memo revealing that Wilson ‘s wife was a covert CIA operative; said briefing-memo having surfaced on a flight carrying Bush, his staff, Colin Powell, and news media, to Africa. All of which occurred well before Rove’s question and answer session with Time Magazine’s Matt Cooper; meaning Rove would know the Valerie Plame facts and would be waiting for an opportunity to confirm them with someone like Cooper, while later vaguely claiming to have learned said facts from reporters or--er, tealeaves?

     The truth is, Rove in 2003, when questioned by the FBI, did not disclose his discussion about Valerie Plame with Cooper. So when you lie by omission, is that criminal or merely immoral? I’m certain he’s hoping for immoral, since you don’t go to jail for that.


     The last but not least thing that bothers me is, no one (that I know of) has officially/seriously followed up on the phony Italian memos, possessed by the Brits, regarding the alleged "yellowcake" uranium Iraq/Niger deal, which triggered CIA interest in sending Wilson to Africa in the first place. Remember that?

     No, the really last but not least thing: I frankly think it’s kind of scary that we seem to have a genuine, even major, conspiracy that sparked a U.S.-Iraqi war involving hundreds of thousands of deaths, with the mysterious authors of these memos still on the loose, with  no senior official seeming to be the least bit interested in finding out who they are. Do you think our government is afraid of  finding out an unfavorable truth? Huh?