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                                         The Bill Of Rights


OPINION  August 1/05

Man, if you cross this ruthless administration by telling the truth,  they will hunt you down and put an arrow in your heart.  Example:    

       Last December a former CIA officer filed a lawsuit in Federal court.  He said:  In the spring of 2001 he was told by an informant (a man involved in purchasing centrifuge parts) that Iraq had basically abandoned its nuclear ambition, having given up its uranium enrichment program.  The CIA officer's job was to gather intel on illicit weapons, yet his reports were put aside and he was told to shift his interests elsewhere. In other words: "Screw off!"

        It's interesting to note that the CIA assessment changed that same year, when apparently a little wind-up bird chirped that Iraq was seeking high strength aluminum tubes from China, which the agency decided were for uranium enrichment.  Thus in 2002 the agency conveniently hardened its view and Bush made it part of his rational for shock and awe, which then turned out to be part of the administration's BIG LIE.

        Of course this case has been classified up and down and sideways in order to conceal the embarrassing facts from us ordinary types.  Natch.  Also, take note, as the NY Times points out, that said unnamed officer worked in the same unit of the CIA as Valerie Plame.  Remember her? Wilson's wife? How she was outed?  WMDs?

           This unnamed CIA officer brought suit against the agency because he was accused of having sex with a female contact and of diverting informant payment money to his own pocket; and then in 2004, he was fired.  Same 'ol, same 'ol, but far-right Republicans will defend their leader with every nasty verbal weapon at hand, until they sink up to their eyeballs in the administration's muck.

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