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                                         The Bill Of Rights



11 a.m.

Perjury and/or Obstruction of Justice?

     Moments ago I checked 3 television news channels and found all of them covering London bombing updates, for which I am certain, Bush/Rove are extremely grateful.  No doubt everyone at the White house is hiding today considering the hottest news  to come our way in a while, concerns Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, Robert Novak and Tim Russert

     Reporter Richard Keil, Bloomberg News,  has amazing sources, unknown to the rest of us, who are apparently from inside the grand jury.  Said sources are about as hot as you can get, since prosecutor Fitzgerald supposedly runs a very tight ship. Until now.

     If the sources are correct, and all liberals will pray that they are, it seems Karl Rove and Scooter Libby (Cheney's chief of staff, for those still unfamiliar) originally stated in either deposition or grand jury (under oath)  that they first learned from reporters that Valerie Plame Wilson was a covert CIA operative.  Rove claimed Novak as his source, and Libby claimed Tim Russert as his.

  •     Tim Russert? As an aside: It's interesting that Russert, when interviewing Matt Cooper about the subject, never said word one about his involvement in any of this.  But anyway, folks, according to the mysterious source or sources from the grand jury, Russert asserted (under oath) the reverse--that he learned of Ms. Plame from Libby.  And Novak who spilled the beans early on, claimed under oath that he learned of Plame from Rove.     
  • This places Rove/Libby very much at odds with Novak/Russert, with all four having testified under oath.  There's a hint of blood here, and I have a feeling this administration, so recently confident in it's ability to intimidate a wussy media, may be worried that the scent of said blood might metamorphose a few wussys into wolves. SAMMY    
  • 3 p.m.

         As we can see from above, much is unraveling before the eyes of those who choose to see.  The other part of the obscuring snarl is neatly picked apart by Frank Rich who points out that on September 29, 2003, at 8:30 p.m., Alberto Gonzales, then White House counsel, was informed that "the Justice Department at the request of the CIA, had opened an investigation into the outing of Joseph Wilson's wife." 

  •      What's important here is that it took Gonzales another 12 hours to inform the White House people that they had to "preserve all materials relevant to the investigation."  Gonzales said the time gap was okayed by the Justice Department which was then headed by Bush's man John Ashcroft.  Mmmm.  Why do you think he would okay that sort of thing? Huh?  Anyway:


         Democratic Senator Charles Schumer has pointed out the possibility of a W.H. staffer, whether under orders or not, deciding to shred (my word) said material.  Of course, after Ashcroft's departure, a gate across this mystery filled rabbit hole was shoved aside by  prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

         Now, considering the 12 hour gap, and since Gonzales was involved in all of this for over a year, you can begin to understand it's at least a possibility that this was the reason he was passed over for Supreme Court Justice by his long time friend, George W. Bush.  Imagine a new S.C. Justice being subpoenaed and interrogated by a fed prosecutor.        Casualty #1: Gonzales.       Casualties #2:?   #3?   #4?      Insert names.

    4:45 p.m. -- Finally heard talk of the 12 hour gap on CNN's Inside Politics, with the Republican lady calling it "Repackaged old news."  Natch.