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                                         The Bill Of Rights


September 21/05                                               

I love this:  "Pigs will fly before we cut this pork," said Keith Ashdown of Taxpayers For Common Sense.

Still, minority leader Rep of S.F., Nancy Pelosi, offered to give up 70 million of her cut of the Highway Bill, to use this money for Katrina's recovery efforts.

Whereas majority leader Rep of Texas, Tom Delay, said he thought it was a bad idea to take from his cut of the Bill.

Mmm.... No comment needed from me.    Just read:

Changed my mind: A minor OPINION.

       The U.S. Treasury reported that foreign investors bought $104.4 billion of U.S. stocks and bonds (no doubt a huge chunk of treasury bonds) in July/05,  meaning the Fed can keep spending big bucks on Katrina and the war in Iraq, and foreign investors will pick up the tab.  But when you think of "investor,"  think China. And when you think of them buying our treasury bonds, think "lending."  Lending to us, the good ol' USA,  again and again, with us more and more indebted to them and others, to finance our mess, while the tax cuts for the rich, and the pork of the Highway bill, remain in force.  And you can feel a seismic rumbling from the right as ultra conservatives leak warning  steam over all this money coming in and going out.  Shades of FDR and demon liberals!

     But you other Republicans who think huge deficits don't really matter should pay more attention to Bush's sagging position in the polls  (it's not just the war, guys), otherwise you may be in for a rude awakening after the midterm elections.

       Add this to the above: Hurricane Rita, upgraded to category 4 or 5  is rushing toward the coast, threatening to amplify the existing damage to disastrous proportions; menacing oil refineries and platforms with the promise of 135 miles per hour winds.  Think more reconstruction and oil shortages and higher prices and inflation.  Will we borrow more money from foreigners, or will we end tax cuts to the rich and kill the pork in the Highway bill? Huh?  No?

       Well, Republicans, you can always kill social security and Medicare, and any other benefit to the less well-connected you can think of.   That would save some money.  Or (just a teeny thought) you might consider cutting back just a little, on your terrific medical and pension benefits, the raises you give yourselves, and whatever other countless hidden perks you might have.  No?  Oh.  Sorry.