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                                                                   I wish I were something
                                                                   Other than me;
                                                                   Not a rock or a tree,
                                                                  Just silly and free.

                                                                   A thing more than funny,
                                                                   Okay, cute as a bunny,
                                                                   But enough of a looney
                                                                   To make me yell Whee!

                                                                    So what would I be?

                                                                   Well a cow would be mooing
                                                                    And a dove would be cooing,
                                                                    And I know, I know,
                                                                    An owl would be hooing.
                                                                    But, gosh, how blah
                                                                    And very unzippy,
                                                                    This coo-hooing stuff.

                                                                    So downright drippy
                                                                    And boring, not clever.
                                                                    Like drab little me,
                                                                    Whos never, not ever,
                                                                    Been goofy enough!

                                                                    So what would I be?
                                                                    Lets see:


                                                                     If I were a mouse
                                                                     Id play a bassoon
                                                                    And wear a red blouse,
                                                                    Then fly to the moon
                                                                     In a purple balloon.


                                                                     If I were a monkey,
                                                                     A guitar I would strum,
                                                                     Then ride a blue donkey
                                                                     And bang a red drum.


                                                                     If I were a puppy
                                                                     Id twirl on a pail,
                                                                     And bark yip and yuppy
                                                                     Til I was hiccupy;
                                                                     Then go for a sail
                                                                     With a flag on my tail.


                                                                     If I were a frog
                                                                     Id be looking for fun.
                                                                     Id spring from the bog
                                                                     And don a pink vest,
                                                                     Make friends with a swan
                                                                     And fly to the west,
                                                                     To croak a song to the sun.

                                                                     Then again...

                                                                     If I were a bunny,
                                                                     Id strum a green banjo
                                                                     And wriggle my nose,
                                                                     Then slide down a rainbow
                                                                     Face down on my tummy.
                                                                      Id paint myself calico
                                                                     And smell a red rose,
                                                                     Then dance to-and-fro
                                                                     With bells on my toes.

                                                                     But then

                                                                     Oh my!

                                                                    With all this wishing
                                                                    For me to be free,
                                                                    Id rather be fishing
                                                                    Than having to choose
                                                                    Some other to be.


                                                                   Just maybe
                                                                   Ill settle
                                                                   For silly old me.